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Top of the List

Top of the List Many Americans are retiring overseas so they can afford to live comfortably.  Sounds good to me! There are lots of priorities to consider when choosing another country.  Some insist on good health coverage, some want a temperate climate and others want...

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Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure I’m not one for Pokemon-Go where you track mythical creatures, but I got talked into going on a “Geocaching” adventure, where you actually search for a real, physical hidden treasure.   The treasure I found was a miniature dummy of one of ventriloquist...

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Very First Blog

Very First Blog Testing one – two - three.  If you’re reading this, that means my blog is live!  When I write, it’s stories about Aliens who come to earth to party on their Interplanetary Spring Break or something.  I’m not used to writing about myself, but I guess...

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