Very First Blog

Testing one – two – three.  If you’re reading this, that means my blog is live!  When I write, it’s stories about Aliens who come to earth to party on their Interplanetary Spring Break or something.  I’m not used to writing about myself, but I guess I’ll give it a try.

I like photography, writing, traveling and making films, but the problem is I tend to do them all at the same time.  I took a long vacation a few years back, riding the Eurail around Germany. I wrote on the train, stopped to do photo shoots and then directed a short movie, “Raw Edge” in Berlin. I worked with some very talented German actors.  When I got back I needed a long vacation from that long vacation.

I am happy to have run across Marshall Greer, a very creative web designer who finally helped me put together samples from a few of my photo shoots.  I’ve spent much of the long weekend clicking the thumbnails and watching them fly around and fade into full, crisp shots.

Please go ahead and say hello.  Your comments and suggestions about my blog, pictures and the site are most welcome.